A downloadable D.A.W.J.I for Windows

note: D.A.W.J.I isnt a prequel or sequel to any mod/fangame like  baldi's basics trap out of controll or baldi dies.

DONT ASK WHO JOE IS is my first game. its a fangame of baldi's basics. its a parody of fangames trying to be more scary than the original. the game contains 3 endings, gluten, secrets,  a low qaulity collision detection, milk, 2 challenges and a glitch realm! the game was also made with modding sort of in mind.

STORY: big unibrowed baldi stole joe's bus and killed him, so now you gotta save him using an poision apple!

CONTROLLS: WASD to move, Lshift to sneak. when sneaking you can do some different stuff, altho ur slower then.


DAWJI .rar download 15 MB


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Hi fazmade 

Sorry about that.

Is the low quality intentional?



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"They always ask who's joe but they never ask how's joe."

-Pewdiepie comment section 2019